Should I have an Engagement Shoot?
Should I have an Engagement Shoot?

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Should I Have an engagement shoot?

So I have a lot of couples asking me ‘shoot we have an engagement shoot?’ There are many reasons for having an engagement shoot and that is why I always say yes and why all my collections include an engagement shoot. Here are my top reasons why you should say yes to an engagement shoot!

getting used to your photographer

 This is probably one of the most important reason to have an engagement shoot. Get to know me!

Every photographer works in a different way and you need to feel comfortable with them. Like I said before the more comfortable and relaxed you feel the more natural your photos will look. 

That is why with every engagement shoot I do I prioritise getting to know you guys. Most of the shoot is just chatting to each other and playing around with some ideas. These shoots are not all about taking photos but getting to know each other. Finding out things we have in common and just chatting about the wedding and life are always on my list for the shoot. 

I always aim to not only give you some lovely photos from the shoot but hopefully send you away excited to work with me again on your wedding day. By the time you see me on your day hopefully you will see me as just another friendly face in the room. 

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Get used to the camera

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It is not only the photographer you want to get used to but also your camera. This is probably one of the first times you will be in front of the camera for an extended period of time. It can be really daunting as the focus is all on you and some couples worry they will feel like its some awkward photoshoot. I always use two cameras on your wedding day and so it can even look daunting at first. 

Engagement shoots are the best way to get used to having the camera facing you before your wedding day. Soon you will realise it is not that bad – I promise! 

Once you get used to the camera pointing your way you realise it isn’t as bad as you think and it certainly doesn’t jump out at you! I am always more than happy to show my couples what I am doing behind the camera so you can see the process involved in getting your photos. 

By the time you get to your wedding day that nervous camera is facing me feeling is long gone and you can relax much easier. The more relaxed you are with the camera the more natural your photos will be. 

time to play with photo ideas

No doubt you will have seen hundreds of photos during your planning process. I am sure Pinterest has been a big influence on wedding plans! There might be something you really want to try but not necessarily on your big day. So use this shoot as a sort of practice run through for both you and your photographer. I know I am always up for trying out new ideas on these shoots and happy to recreate them on your day. I am also more than happy to suggest ideas for fun different shots if you want to try out something new. 

This all means that when it comes to your wedding day you know what to expect. I always suggest if this is a big reason for you then book in your shoot about 6 weeks before your wedding. That way you can remember the feeling. 

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visit your venue together

Lots of the engagement shoot couples done with myself have been at the wedding venues. With every wedding I always do a venue visit before your day if your venue is new to me and if you want to have a walk round with me. However, why not tie this in with your shoot? 

It gives us the perfect opportunity to not only get some lovely photos but to try out spots for photos on your day. Couples portraits can be planned out together and tried before the big day. You never know one of the least expecting places could turn out a stunning photo you want to recreate on your day. 

perfect photos for invitations

Looking for an easy way to create beautiful save the date or wedding invites. Use some of these photos from your shoot. Use them in whatever way you like and if you are looking for ideas then I would be more than happy to help you. They are also some of the most natural photos of you both that you will have pre your wedding day. 

I have also seen couples use these photos for decorations on their wedding day. I myself used our engagements shoot photos from our photographer on some of our tables at the reception. 

Hair and makeup trials

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This is one for the brides. Book in your hair and make up trials together if you can and on the day of your engagement shoot. Sounds like a lot in one day so hear me out. Not only does this tick off loads on your to do list all in one day but it also gives you a real sense of what to expect. 

By doing this you can really see what your whole look (except the dress) will look like in photos and if it feels right! 

If you can’t book them in on the same day try styling your hair in the way you would like it and doing your make up in similar colours to what you think you would like. 

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Want to find out more?

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