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Newent Engagement

Naomi and Ryan

This was a very special one for me as this is one of my oldest friends from when we were young. I was asked by the lovely Naomi if I could come to their Newent engagement party and take some nice relaxed photos of their families together as this would be the first time most of them would meet. They are busy planning for a wedding in Easter 2024. Naomi asked if I could pop over early to talk through some logistics for the day. Turns out there was a different reason for this earlier start…

This is an ‘engagement party’ but it was also doubling up as a pregnancy announcement!

To say I was happy for them was an understatement I was over the moon! So we spend some time before the guests arrived to plan in the announcement and we snuck off for some couples portraits before as well. 

Finally when all the guests were there they set about the surprise announcement. Each guest was given a ‘save the date’ card. All expecting it to be the date of their wedding. Instead, inside was a photo of the baby scan and the due date. The screams of happiness and cries of joy that came from this beautiful moment was gorgeous to be a part of. 

After a while of chatting away, hugging the bump and pouring the prosecco we snuck away for some photos to announce the baby. Naomi and Ryan were brilliant and really relaxed into the shoot by this point as everyone now knew. 

I am so excited for these two and the many MANY more shoots we have planned before their wedding day. Watch this space as we go on this wonderful journey together starting a new chapter, or two in their lives. It is days like these and those to come that make this job so special and myself so thankful to be a part of.  

Newent Engagement
Newent Engagement

Tips from this shoot to take to yours:

  • Have a party! If you are having and engagement party tie it in with your engagement shoot. Talk to your photographer about this of course as you can get planning with them on what you would like for both. 

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