Mickleton Hills Farm Engagement

Matt and Amber

The lovely Matt and Amber decided that they wanted their engagement shoot at their Wedding venue, Mickleton Hills Farm in Chipping Camden. A family run venue set in the beautiful farmland surroundings. The perfect venue for anyone looking for something uniquely beautiful oh and one that has sheep! 

Amber and Matt decided to have their engagement shoot one year before their wedding date to celebrate the date. Matt surprised Amber with a treat in the morning of a hair and makeup pamper session. It was the perfect opportunity for Amber to trial out hair and make up for their wedding.  

During their shoot it began to slightly rain. Rain is really something you shouldn‘t worry about on your wedding day – we can work around rain. So this was the perfect opportunity to get the old umbrellas out for some photos. I always use umbrellas at weddings come rain or shine as they are great props for weddings. Especially for couples who feel weird in front of the camera, umbrellas can give you something to hold and then oddly focus on. It takes your attention away from the camera pointing at you and instead to a huge big and sometimes colourful umbrella!  

This venue has so many different spots for couples photos and was a great opportunity to pick some out for their wedding day too. Everything from old black wooden barn doors around the different barns. To the beautiful red brick staircases lined with plant pots. The tree lined driveway is a perfect spot to walk down hand in hand or take a minute to take a couples dance. The farm’s sheep roam around the area too which always makes for some fun photos. 

Amber also brought along some fun wedding quote cards. ‘I only said yes for the ring’ being a fun one for the all important ring shot! We also used their ‘one year to go’ card to mark the date. Something to think about bringing along to your engagement shoot for some variety in your photos.