20 top questions to ask your photographer
20 top questions to ask your photographer

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20 top questions to ask your photographer

Planning your wedding is a mammoth task and can lead you to having more questions than answers. So here I have put together my 20 top questions to ask your photographer to help you when planning your Wedding day. These are from some of the more commonly asked questions along with some I feel are so important in order to get the most from your wedding day. 

1. How would you describe your photography style?

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So this is definitely my number one question to ask! Every photographer is slightly different and some of us have completely opposite styles! This is not a negative it is just showing all of our uniqueness! You need to be sure the style of photography you book is what you are after. 

Style is both colour and posing etc. For example my style is vibrant and bright in terms of colour and natural, relaxed and fun in terms of posing.  So if you want natural photography then I am a good fit. But if you are after more dark and moody or highly posed/model style shots then I am not the photographer for you. 

A tip for this is to not only chat to your photographer about this but go on different photographers websites, Instagram and Pinterest accounts to get a feel or vibe of what their style is. 

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Welsh Wedding Photographer
Gloucestershire Wedding Photographer

2. What would be your 5 must have photos?

This is a really good one to ask as your photographer will have their own list of photos they will focus on. 

I have a long list of photos I work through on your day but my top five would always be: 

  • A first look – Personally I love a first look. This does not have to be the Bride and Groom either. I love first looks of bridesmaids seeing their friend all ready, or mother and father of the bride getting all teary seeing their daughter all ready. Guests arriving seeing the nervous groom waiting also make lovely photos. 
  • A couples portrait – Plan in some time in the day with your photographer to go off for couples portraits. 10 minutes is all you need to get some gorgeous couples photos all alone. 
  • Details special to you – You will have taken the time to plan out small details so I always make sure to get these on your day. 
  • You and your Wedding Party – Make sure you get one of the entire Wedding party together. I tend to take this brilliant group off after food and speeches later on in the day.  
  • Something very different and unique – Best until last! I love it when we plan in a very different and unique photo for your day. It could be something you have seen on Pinterest or recreating one from your parent’s day. The more unique and different the better! 
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3. What is a typical wedding day like with you?

A very important top question to ask your photographer is this one! Every wedding is different but you need to know how your photographer will work and if you feel you can work with them. You will get to know them very well and will spend most of the day with them, so you need to be happy with how they work a wedding. 

A typical day with me is always full of laughter and fun together. Capturing moments together and without you even noticing me. I always sit down with you before your day to finalise your wedding timeline. I have this timeline with me throughout the day. I am however, flexible with timings as the last thing you want on your day is someone pushing you to meet deadlines! But one tip I would recommend would be to never be late for your food – the chef and your guests will not be happy!

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4. Are you free on my Wedding date?

Sounds obvious I know, but sadly if we are not free we cannot be there. But that doesn’t mean we cannot help you out. If a photographer is not free ask them if they would recommend someone who has a similar style to them. Trust me we all have other suppliers we work with who are also fellow photographers! 

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5. What is the process of booking?

So this is one of the exciting steps! Once you are set on your photographer it is time to book in! Ask them the whole process of how to secure the date so you know what to expect. 

I try to keep it as simple as possible as this is probably the first time you have bought photography services. I always encourage my couples to ask as many questions as they like during this time as it new but it is pretty simple. All you need to do is send me the date and which collection you would like. By this point we have probably been talking a lot anyway so I will have a good idea as to what you are after. I will then pop you in my online booking system. You will then get an email with a link to follow where you can sign the contract and securely pay the deposit.

To secure your date fully you will need to sign the contract and pay the deposit. Lots of photographers will not pencil in dates or hold them for couples until this is completed, especially during peak season. So if you want the date get booked in to avoid disappointment. Make sure you are happy with the contract too as it is there to look after both parties. Ask questions if you are not sure on what some of the contract means, your photographer will be happy to answer any questions. 

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6. What is an engagement shoot? Should I have one?

Ok so time for number 6 on 20 top questions to ask your photographer! Another favourite one of mine. Engagement shoots! I would highly recommend asking your photographer if they do them and if they are included. If they are not I would book in on one.

Every one of my collections includes an engagement shoot as I think they are not only vital but so much fun! 

Check out my blog post on engagements shoots for more information on this area!

7. How many hours will you cover?

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Again this is something that can vary between weddings and photographers. 

I offer a range of collections based around hours coverage but sometimes your wedding just won’t ‘fit’ one of these collections as such. That is why I also offer bespoke collections for your wedding if you are looking for different hours. 

Some weddings I have done have been 2-3 hours coverage, some go on way into the night. So always ask your photographer if they can change hours coverage and what cost it would be.

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8. Have you done my venue before?

This is a good one to ask but do not panic if the answer is no. 

If the answer is yes you can then ask to see a full album to see what you can expect from a wedding at your venue. Your photographer will know some great spots for photos and be able to chat with you all about what they have done before. 

If the answer is no it just means not yet! With all my weddings I always do a venue visit both with you and on my own before. So by the time it comes to your wedding day I know that venue like the back of my hand! 

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9. What do you include within the price?

Everyone’s pricing is slightly different, and each photographer will have different things they include as standard and as add on extras. It’s important you know exactly what you are getting for your money. For example, I also have an engagement shoot included within the price on my top two collections. One of my collections includes a wedding album with additional options for adding on second photographer. If there is something not listed but you are interested, then ask. You never know they might be able to help you out or know someone who can. 

Gloucestershire Engagement Photographer
Gloucestershire Engagement Photographer

10. Can/should I have a second Photographer?

Time for number 10 on 20 Top Questions to ask your Photographer. Second Photographers. Can you have one and should you have one? Personally I believe second photographers are a huge bonus to any wedding day and you should definitely consider one. Chat to your photographer about this and how they work with second photographers. 

Check out my blog post on second photographers for more information on this area!

11. How long will it be until I get my photos?

Again this is another important top question to ask your photographer as you want to know exactly what to expect from a wedding with your photographer. They can also vary depending on what time of year it is. 

For example, I say to all my couples that I aim to get all their photos to them in around 4-6 weeks. However, this can be both quicker or longer depending on how many weddings there are that month. I will always keep you informed throughout the whole process. I will never rush an edit as I always want to give you the best. 

However, during your wedding day I will start editing some sneak peak photos. I usually start this when you are eating as no one wants photos of people eating – trust me it ain’t pretty! So whilst I am eating I start editing some ready. These photos I will send to you within 24 hours of your wedding day so you have some for good old Facebook and to show people. 

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12. How will I get my Photos?

This can vary between photographers but most of the time it is either an online gallery or USB stick. Either way make sure you are aware of how it will be before your wedding day. 

I also use the same online gallery system for the engagement shoot as well as the wedding. so you will have already used it once before. Bonuses to online galleries are that you can download them as much as you like, pass the gallery on for others to download and most have a shop attached to them too. 

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Should I have two Photographers at my Wedding?
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13. Do you edit photos? Can I have them all?

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So this one is actually one of my most commonly asked questions I get from couples. It is both yes and no. 

Yes, you want your photos to be edited. In this case editing is about making an artistic judgement on photos. So slight changes in exposures and colours etc. cropping and making some into black and white photos. This is how you get the style of photos you are after. Editing in this sense is not airbrushing to change the way people look. 

No, you do not want all your photos. We can take literally thousands of photos at one wedding. Some of those photos will be us getting the exposure right and believe it or not some are totally out of focus – people move a lot! You also don’t need the same photo over and over again. To get that one shot you want we might take 20 odd. Most of my couples get around 800+ photos for a full days coverage, sometimes this is more. Trust me in when I say it is enough. You can’t have 800 photos on the living room wall. 

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14. Do you offer albums? When do I have to order by?

Albums are a must in my eyes! There is not a better way to showcase your wedding day. It is a perfect keepsake and they make amazing presents. But they take time and can easily become overwhelming to make. So ask your photographer if they can make one. They will have access to professional albums too that you won’t have access to. 

For my couples you can order at any point before or even after the wedding. Collection three even includes one for you! We sit down to pick out layouts colours and you even choose which photos you want in the album. I then go away and make the album in for you telling the story of your day. Ask your photographer to see some too as they will have sample albums from previous weddings. 

15. Do you offer Prints?

So next on 20 Top Questions to ask your Photographer is all about prints. Some photographers, me included, offer a printing service as part of the digital downloading process.

It is worth asking your photographer some of the best places to get prints done. From experience some of the cheaper printers can change the colours on your prints so they will not be what you expect. With services we offer you can rest easy knowing we recommend them. I use them myself for all my wedding fayre prints and free prints I send to couples as part of their collection. 

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16. Have you got any tips and tricks for my wedding day?

This is something I wished I had asked my photographer before I became one myself! Photographers literally live and breathe weddings so are a foundation of knowledge and have learnt a lot on the way. With every wedding comes new tips and tricks. That is why with every wedding I post I include some tips and tricks from the wedding. Check out some on DIY styling, confetti and sparklers. 

17. Do you have any recommmended suppliers you work with?

Yes, yes, YES! Definitely ask this one especially if you have seen something in one of your photographers photos. They will have some amazing suppliers they have worked with throughout the years. Suppliers that work together get very excited when they have a wedding together again. We also chat together frequently so you know we will be working on your wedding together.

Here are a few favourites of mine: 

Dresses: Bridal Reloved Gloucester

Flowers: The Unwalled Garden

Kopend Creations 

Lynne Jessett Floristry

Hair: Individual Glamour

Make up: Make Up By Kay Louise

Stationary: Blackbird and Blossom

Jewellery: Hannah Kimber Jewellery 

18. Are you insured?

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I know urgh boring legal stuff! Trust me you want your photographer to be insured just like you would want your venue to be insured! We bring along a lot of equipment to your wedding day which should be all insured. If something were to go wrong with your photos you want to know you will get some form of compensation. So if they say they aren’t insured I wouldn’t book. 

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19. What food do you want?

Hear me out on this one! If your wedding day is an all day event please think about food for them and any other suppliers who will be with you all day. We want to do our best work for you and we cannot work at our best hungry. 

Your venue will have supplier meals so talk to them about it before your wedding day. If this is something you cannot afford just let them know and we will bring some food along. 

If you ask your photographer this one they will literally love you forever! 

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20. After my wedding can I come to your for other photography needs?

For the final question on 20 Top Questions to ask your Photographer we look at the future. So it may not seem like it at first glance but lots of wedding photographers will offer more than wedding photography. 

For example I also offer: Post wedding photoshoots, anniversary shoots, proposals, engagements, maternity shoots, newborn and baby shoots and family photoshoots. 

If you got on really well with your photographer then why not use them again. Knowing your photographer well will mean you relax much easier in front of the camera, which leads to better photos. Plus I always love working with returning couples and seeing families grow year after year. 

Check out this blog post on why you should book in for a post wedding photoshoot. 

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post on 20 Top Questions to ask your Photographer and it helped with your wedding planning! If you have any more questions though send them over and I will be happy to help!