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Dani and Patch

In June 2022, it was the turn of the wonderful Dani and Patrick (better known as Patch) to tie the knot in a beautiful Majorca Destination Wedding. This was an extra special one for me as I know Dani and Patch really well and I was not only taking photos of their day but being a bridesmaids as well! We started off the lovely morning with all the girls upstairs at the villa getting ready. Dani was under strict instructions to stay upstairs whilst everyone else was getting the villa set for the day. Lots of organising and decorating had been done the day before so it was a pretty relaxed morning. 

Dani and her mum had been practicing hair styles before the day along with make up so knew exactly what they were doing. One of the best features of the day was of course Dani’s dress, however this wasn’t just any dress. This was actually Dani’s Mum’s dress that had been altered and slightly redesigned for her big day. It was such a lovely touch for the wedding and certainly brought tears in Dads eyes when he saw his beautiful daughter. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head outside for the lovely ceremony, conducted by friend Jamie (amazing job Jamie). It truly was such a special wedding to be a part of. Their promises to each other were so special and heart felt, once they were back in the UK they had booked in to sign all the legal paper work to make it official, but believe me when I say this was the true moment of marriage. 

Majorca Destination Wedding

It was pretty much a complete DIY style Majorca Destination Wedding. Dani and her mum had made the AMAZING cake. All the decorations were ordered and put up by Dani and Patch along with family members and friends. The flowers were made by a local florist to the villa and were absolutely perfect for the day. If ever the theme was going to be tropical, colourful, paradise it was going to be at their wedding. It fitted them perfectly! 

Majorca Destination Wedding
Majorca Destination Wedding
Majorca Destination Wedding
Majorca Destination Wedding

Later on in the day, I took Dani and Patch off for some couple’s portraits. You may recognise them as they have modelled in some styled shoots with me before. They aren’t models in any way but their love for each other is so obvious that they look incredible in front of the camera. Their wedding day was no exception and they absolutely smashed it. 

Majorca Destination Wedding
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Destination Wedding Photography

Soon it was time for the party of the island to start! Yes this villa had a pool so you can imagine what happened… dance floor with pool party! Before anyone could say no (not that anyone would) I had guests all around jumping in the pool followed by dancing on the dance floor. As it was June and HOT as anything, 30 minutes of dancing was just about enough to dry off ready for round 2! 

Tips from this Majorca Destination Wedding to take to yours:

  • Do not be afraid to book a destination wedding. These guys hired a holiday villa and all the guest stayed close by. We all came out for a holiday and celebrated too. You do not need hundreds of people at your wedding to make it special. Just make sure the villa (or where ever you book) knows you are going to be hosting a party or special event. You can bring in food to the villa like you would any party. Just do some research before you book anything and send out invites 


  • JUMP IN THE POOL! You only live once and I can tell you for a fact all those guests had the best time and their wedding will go down in history. Just make sure you have a change of clothes if you do jump in. 


  • My final tip is DO NOT DRINK THE TAP WATER. Little story for you… the night before this wedding I got really bad food poisoning. We think it was from the tap water used to wash a salad I ate. I shot this wedding on about 4 hours sleep, I didn’t eat all day as I was still not right and missed out on wedding cake! I will say I am dam proud of what I achieved but I am never eating a salad out there again! 

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