5 reasons to have a post wedding photoshoot
5 reasons to have a post wedding photoshoot

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Post wedding photoshoot

5 reasons why you should do a post wedding photoshoot

Got the after wedding blues? Wish you had more time for photos on your wedding day? Then you should definitely have a Post Wedding Photoshoot! But that is not the only reasons to book in.

Check out my 5 reasons why you should do a Post Wedding Photoshoot below! 

location photos

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The location of your wedding day will always hold a special place to you. You wedding day photos will always be extra special. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have many other special places and memories. It could be the place you first met or even a city you fell in love with on your honeymoon. 

Maybe you really wanted some sunset photos but the sun wasn’t playing ball the day of your wedding or the location of your wedding didn’t have that perfect spot for sunset.

Your Post Wedding Photoshoot can be done anywhere you choose. Whether its on the beach at sunset or up in the mountain for sunrise, talk to your photographer about the perfect times and locations for some new and exciting photos. 

Trust me when I say your photographer will be happy to play around with ideas with you – I certainly always love new exciting locations and shoots! I love it when couples ask for fun locations literally anywhere. Sunset is a personal favourite time of mine too! 

time to play around with photos

You may have found some inspiration from Pinterest and would really like to try it. Or you have a found a fun quirky and different photo you want to get. Maybe you look back on some photos and wish you had got more with your bridal party. A Post Wedding Photoshoot is the best opportunity to play around with photos ideas especially ones that you just don’t have the time to do during your wedding day. 

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you want something different

You may want something completely different for your shoot. This could be the style of photos, make up, hair, flowers even dresses if you want! You may have been married for many years and want some up to date photos in a new style.

Take this opportunity to have a new or different look for some of your wedding or anniversary photos.

Talk to your photographer about any other suppliers you might want to involve in your shoot. Some bridal shops might even let you hire out a new dress! It is your shoot to plan and play around with. Change as much or little as you like.

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spend more time with your guests

This is one of my favourite reasons for booking a Post Wedding Photoshoot. Your wedding day will fly by so quickly and you will want to make the most of it. I always make sure to take my couples off for some couples photos but rarely for much longer than 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes we can certainly get a lot done and create some beautiful memories however you want to get back to celebrating and seeing all those guests! Sadly, time is not always on our side.

This is where a Post Wedding Photoshoot comes in! Here you have the time to have fun with creating some beautiful photos and not worry about getting back to your guests or back in time for cutting the cake and speeches. This way you can enjoy your time with your guests on your wedding day knowing that after the wedding you can create those extra couples photos you always wanted without needing to rush around.

You can take the time to create lots of different couples photos or even bring some friends along and have some smaller group photos. All my Post Wedding Photoshoots allow you to bring 4 extra people along if you wish. Believe me it will be so much fun!

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celebrate your anniversaRy

Want to celebrate your first anniversary or even a bigger one? Then get back into your dress (or a new one) and find that suit! A Post Wedding Photoshoot is a lovely way to celebrate your first anniversary or even your 50th.  

You can celebrate just the two of you or bring some friends and family along. Maybe you have some special mementos from your wedding day you want to use at your shoot – bring them along! Not only will you have some lovely anniversary photos but have a lovely day celebrating it on your shoot. 

Bonus tip! Talk to your suppliers about shoots

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So here is a little bonus tip for you. Every supplier is always looking for new content to share their work. But we never get to plan the weddings – all are gorgeous and beautiful but sometimes we want to get creative ourselves.

This is where styled shoots come in. Suppliers often get together to create styled shoots to showcase some of our best and most creative work. It is an opportunity for us to have a play around with ideas and more often than not get published on a blog or in a magazine. If you loved the experience of getting all dressed up and play around with photos then offer to model for your suppliers. We are always looking for ‘models’ as such but that means someone who is comfortable in front of the camera and up for playing around. Not a catwalk style person. We want someone real! So chat to your suppliers about possible shoots in the future! 

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Most importantly enjoy your wedding and Post Wedding Photoshoot. It is a time to celebrate the new chapter in your life and have fun. Trust me you will have so much fun as you will be relaxed and just having fun withy our photographer. 

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