Should I have two photographers at my wedding?
Should I have two Photographers at my Wedding?

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Should I Have Two Photographers at my Wedding?

So are planning your wedding day. There are so many decisions to make and it can sometimes be confusing and stressful deciding what to do and what not to do. You will have loads and I mean LOADS of people telling you what to do and what they did when they got married etc. That is great by the way and I would highly recommend listening to them. But remember things change as the years go by and suppliers can offer you more and more with each year. As a photographer one of the most common questions I get asked more and more each year is… ‘Should I have two photographers at my wedding?’ Ultimately, it is your choice but I highly recommend it every time. Here are some reasons as to why you should have two photographers at your wedding. 

All the photos on this post are from weddings with two photographers so you can see what to expect from a second shooter..

Full coverage of your day

Should I have two Photographers at my Wedding?

I have worked many weddings as a second shooter as well as a lead photographer. I love both roles and wouldn’t be here as a lead photographer without learning so much from my role as a second shooter. One of the biggest things it taught me is the value of a second shooter to your wedding day coverage. 

You want to capture every moment of your day, but I cannot be in two places at once! That is where a second comes in perfectly. Both of you can be covered in the morning prep time allowing you both to see what each other’s mornings were like before the ‘I Dos’. 

During your ceremony we can be at two different ends. Usually, one of us is near the front to get closer up portrait style photos whilst the other is nearer the back. 


Should I have two Photographers at my Wedding?

Variety to your photos

Sounds obvious to expect more photos when you have a second photographer. But the more importantly a second photographer adds variety to your photos. As in my previous point by getting a fuller coverage of your wedding day you will ultimately get a greater variety in photos. As we can now be in two places at once we can get different angles of the same moment in time. 

During your ceremony, for example, whilst one of us is at the front the other can be at the back getting a totally different perspective of your vows. We can also focus on the reactions of you as well as others during your ceremony. So if you want your reactions during your vows and that of your parents it can done! Whilst you are working with your lead photographer you second can be off to the side shooting the same shot but at an entirely different angle giving you a full range of different natural looking photos. Best places to really see this benefit are during the ceremony, first dance angles and if your venue has a staircase – on of us can be right below and the other off to the side!


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Candids are some of the best photos of your day. Yes of course your couples portraits will be special but the candids of your guests can be some of the best. They really capture the vibe of your day and the pure joy of people’s faces. 

With a second photographer you get a huge variety of candid photos. Whilst you are off having your couples photos together with your lead photographer your second photographer is their snapping away taking candid photos. Just because you are not there doesn’t mean it isn’t covered. 

Your second photographer really focussing in on your guests more than you as the couple.

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How big is your venue?

So a question to ask yourself and something I always ask my couples is how big is your venue and how big is your wedding. 

If you have a large venue in terms of space then you should definitely consider a second photographer. Take a large castle wedding for example. Guests will spread out and wander around enjoying the venue. With two photographers you can rest easy knowing your are covering a greater area for those candid shots. 

If you are having a large wedding then again you should definitely think about a second photographer. As a wedding photographer we try our best to get coverage of as many of your guests and possible and try and not leave anyone out. With a large wedding this can be difficult to manage. With two photographers you can be reassured that one of us is going to get the shot of granny dancing on the dance floor or your best friend laughing and joking around. 

Mickleton Hills Farm
Should I have two Photographers at my Wedding?

details, details, it's all in the details!

No doubt you have thought long and hard about the smaller details of your wedding day. Everything you have picked has a reason and some can be very special details on your day. Your lead photographer will of course take photos of these details but will also prioritise photos of you and your guests.  

Again with a second photographer part of their role is to get those more detailed shots of your decor and venue. They can take the time the morning of your wedding to photograph details on your tables, your flowers, your rings and every little carefully thought out elements of your day. These detail shots add a lovely touch to any wedding album. 

More Photos!

Glenfall House Wedding

So here is the most obvious point to consider. You most definitely will get more photos at the end of your wedding. Your second photographer will give all their photos to your lead photographer to edit them all together. You won’t even be able to tell who took which photo unless you remember them taking the photo! 

A second photographer allows your first the opportunity to help out with photos too. So if you want the perfect veil flick photo your second shooter can help get that! Or if you are after a more complex evening photo with different lighting, your second photographer can help with flash gun adjustments and placements. An extra pair of hands can allow your lead photographer take some risks and have a bit more fun with your photos. 

So if you are looking to get as many photos as possible of your day, you should definitely consider a second photographer at your wedding. 

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But how much would this cost me?

Lots of couples worry that the cost of a second photographer is as much as the first. That is not the case! I offer a second shooter all day for the cost of £250. This covers your second shooter for the whole day and their photos edited alongside mine. For that price you will get all the added bonuses of having a second shooter with you for your wedding day. So if this is something you would like on your wedding day then get in touch we would love to hear from you. 

Hopefully, next time you ask yourself ‘should I have two photographers at my wedding?’ you will have some idea on the benefits of having a second photographer. If this blog helped you please do let me know and pass it on! Hopefully it can help another couple planning their big day! Check out some of my other blog posts below. If you are looking for more wedding photography check out my post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Do a Post Wedding Photoshoot!