10 Top tips for bridal prep
10 Top tips for bridal prep

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10 Top tips for bridal prep

Whether you choose to have your photographer cover this part of your day or not, here are my 10 top tips for bridal prep coverage on your wedding day. 

1. Have your photographer cover this time

Lots of brides ask me whether or not they should book photography to cover prep time prior to the ceremony. Personally, I believe these photos are just as special as others throughout the day. These tell the story of the day for your other half to see. With them you can share some of the amazing memories you made getting ready. I think prep photos are essential on your wedding day that’s why I have all day collections to cover this time. Don’t worry we can cover your partner too! Book a second photographer for just the morning or all day. Here are some other reasons why you should book a second photographer

Bridal prep top tips
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2. Have your accessories ready

It is likely that you will have some accessories and jewellery you would like to wear on your wedding day. Have these all ready together for your photographers to take some photos of as well as the dress. A personal favourite of mine is taking these accessories and photographing them with your flowers or your dress in a lovely mirror! 

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3. bring along a wedding invite

top tips for bridal prep

Another detail to have ready for your photographer is your wedding invites. Whether you made them yourselves or paid to get them printed have a spare invite set aside for your photographer. Again we can take photos of this along with your flowers and other accessories. You will have spent time and money on these so make sure you get a photo of them on your day. Plus you get to keep one yourself after your wedding day! 

top tips for bridal prep

4. get ready at the venue

This isn’t a must but I would recommend it as it helps to relieve any stress on the day. If the distance from your prep to the ceremony is as short as possible, it will help. Lots of venues also have beautiful bridal prep rooms that are light and airy. Kingscote in particular has a specific room that is just for bridal prep. These rooms also have lots of space for your hair and make up artists to set up as well.

If you can’t get ready there make sure the room you choose to get ready in is big enough for your hair and make up artists to set up and your bridal party to have space. Make sure in the set up area this is some plugs too for things like hair straighteners and curlers! 

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5. keep the room tidy

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Next up on our 10 top tips for bridal prep is keeping the room tidy! This is definitely one to remember to tell your bridesmaids! Prep rooms can get messy very VERY quickly. Food, hair accessories, clothing and makeup all take up lots of space and before you know it, it is literally everywhere! 

If you don’t want messy room photos then get your bridesmaids on this. Try and keep clothing, personal makeup etc. out the way or at least to the sides of where you are getting photos. We try our best of course to avoid it but it soon builds up, especially if you are in a smaller room.

If you don’t mind the mess then don’t worry about it. The most important thing is that you are enjoying your day! 

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6. hangers!

You have a beautiful wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses don’t forget the hangers. There is nothing worse than a plastic, cheap, black hanger holding up a stunning white wedding dress or gorgeous matching bridesmaid dresses. Grab yourself some nice wooden hangers or white padded ones. You can even personalise them with names and dates. Trust me you won’t regret the nicer hangers. That and I have seen the plastic ones break and the dress end up in a heap on the floor!

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top tips for bridal prep

7. think about who is with you

Now hear me out on this one… it sounds harsh but trust me.

This is a real intimate part of your day and you want the right people with you. Choose carefully who you want with you the morning of your wedding. You honestly do not need everyone to be there with you on the morning of your day. I would recommend your bridesmaids, parents and any children in your wedding party. 

Don’t be afraid to say no to people as its your day. I have seen brides get stressed so quickly the morning of their wedding as more people means more opinions and more people to organise.

I would also say make sure your bridesmaids are getting ready with you. You don’t want to be sat getting ready missing someone and wondering where they are etc. 

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8. Timeline and planning

10 Top tips for Bridal Prep

Next tip on our 10 top tips for bridal prep is all about time management.

You will likely have a timeline of your wedding day itself but have a smaller timeline to help you get through this time. The best people to talk to about this is your hair and makeup artist. They will want to schedule in exactly who is being done when etc. Listen to them as they will know what is best to do.

Make sure your bouquets are out of the water at least 30 minutes before the ceremony and try and be ready yourself 1 hour to 45 minutes before if you can. This give us time to get some photos before your ceremony etc. and for you to breathe!!  

Its all good having a timeline but make sure there is a clock available to check in. Your wedding coordinator (if you have one) from the venue will make sure you are on time to meet registrars etc.

10 Top tips for Bridal Prep

9. Flowers

During the morning your florists will arrive with your gorgeous flowers. Get them to bring them to your room for you. A personal favourite of mine is to take photos of your reaction to seeing the flowers for the first time.  I also then use the flowers to take photos of some of your bridal accessories. One of my signature photos is always your engagement ring and wedding rings on your bridal bouquet or with the button holes. They also add a lovely pop of colour to your room whilst getting ready. 

10. checklist

Have a last minute checklist to go through with your bridesmaids. Ones I always mentioned:

  1. Make sure the bouquets are dry. You don’t want them dripping on your down the aisle. Once the ceremony is over and any photos you can put them in some water on your top table. 
  2. All jewellery is on and hairbands are non existent! Nothing worse than seeing that pesky hairband on your wrist in the photos or the line from where it was!
  3. Move your engagement ring ready for your wedding ring to go in place.
  4. Tell everyone to turn off their phones too. Put yours somewhere safe or give it to a bridesmaid to take photos on later in the day. Honestly, you don’t need it.
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10 Top tips for Bridal Prep
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Time to relax and enjoy your morning

A final bonus tip for out 10 top tips for bridal prep is to relax and have fun. The morning and the rest of the day will fly by so just enjoy the day.