Edgeworth Polo Club Wedding

Will and Kells

This was a mega wedding at Edgeworth Polo Club! I had the pleasure to work with the amazing Khya Watts Photography on this job as he was  groomsman for them. 

If you are thinking of having a DIY wedding then check these guys out. Everything you see in the photos they made themselves. That’s right the gorgeous arch they got married under. The flower lined aisle trough the trees for Kells to walk down with drapes across the trees and hand made bunting around the ceremony. But they didn’t stop there! They made all of the plates used for all the guest! Yes you heard that right they made the plates by hand! There were so many elements they had thought about for the whole day and so personal too. 

The ceremony was one like I had never seen before. Every wedding ceremony is special and unique to the couple but Will and Kells really did go to a new level. They had one of their close friends marry them and wrote all their own vows and promises to each other. They literally tied the knot in a hand knot tying ceremony. Each of their bridesmaids and groomsmen came up to loop a ribbon round their hands that when they pulled the ribbon it made a knot. Loved this! After this they poured each other a glass of mead that they had been brewing since they got in engaged. 

Then it was time to really get the party started! After their confetti walk out of the woods everyone enjoyed the axe throwing and bubble waffles. 

Later in the day we took Will and Kells off for some couples photos. That’s when we got out the smoke bombs. Will and Kells really want some fun portrait photos so had bought a load of these smoke bombs for some fun and they did not disappoint! We had so many we used some in both day light, sunset and night! They really do make awesome photos and are really fun to use.