Newborn Shoots
Newborn Shoots

Newborn shoot

So you have a new wonderful member of your family and want to celebrate with some newborn photos. Then a newborn shoot is what you need! 

But wait! What newborn photos do I want? What poses could I do? What props should I use? Don’t worry you have come to the right place! Here I have put together my personal favourite newborn shoot photos I love to take for all my couples! 


Without a doubt newborn baby toes are one of the cutest photos you will ever see! They are such an easy photo to get too! Your newborn baby will grow up so fast and before you know it they will need yet another new pair of school shoes! The other bonus to toe photos is that you don’t need to plan or pose these. Your photographer should be able to snap these ones without you even knowing! 

Bobbles, Booties and babygrows!

These are my three Bs for every newborn shoot! 

First off Bobbles! I love a good bobble hat and baby bobble hats are the cutest! Bobbles and blankets go together so well and make adorable sleepy photos.  Bunny ear hats are also fabulous especially around Easter time if you fancy a bit of a theme! 

Next are the booties. Just like baby toes the booties that go along with them are too cute not to photograph. Try placing them with their feet or next to them whilst they sleep. Before you know it they will be too small for them to wear. I often have couples bringing them along to their maternity shoot so it is always nice to use some of the same props from both shoots. 

An absolute must have is a selection of babygrows. You may have had a maternity shoot where you rested or held up a baby grow. Get that out and recreate some photos! Having a selection of different babygrows adds a great variety to your photos. Make sure to have some back ups too!

Toy animals

I am sure by now your newborn has a whole zoo of toy animals taking up room all around the house. Use some of your favourites during your newborn shoot to add a bit of variety to your photos. They make great photos when they are older to pick out their favourite duckie or bunny! 

The classics of bunnies, sheep and dogs are always cute but don’t miss out those more unique toys! On one of my newborn shoots the Dad produced this Chameleon toy named Clive! Clive worked wonders and we got the cutest smile from his son. He was over the moon and such a unique and special memory for them to look back on. 

Toy animal photos also make great thank you photos for the person who bought the toy for them so get the whole gang out and have a bit of fun! 

With the family

These photos are some of my favourite to take as you can see such joy in everyone of them. Get the family involved! Some newborn shoots are strictly the baby only. If that is what you are after then fab but personally nothing beats getting the whole family involved. 

Start off with some simple poses of your newborn holding your finger and then try that with any siblings. A tiny baby finger grab is too cute to miss! Cuddles and kisses happen everyday so cherish those moments with a photo too. 

I have even photographed dogs with newborns – it was the sweetest moment when the dog gave the baby a little nose kiss! I would recommend getting your pets used to this before hand and making sure the environment is calm for these photos to avoid accidently beginning playtime with your pooch! 

What some more ideas on planning your newborn shoot? Then check out my newborn photography top tips blog below!