Newborn Photography Top tips
Newborn Photography Top tips

Newborn Photography Top Tips

Congratulations you have welcomed a new bundle of joy into the world and are looking for some newborn photography tips! You have come to the right place! 

You might find you are full of questions before your newborn photography experience like: when should I have newborn photos taken? How can I pose my baby during my shoot?  What should I bring to the shoot? But you have come to the right place! 

To help I have put together some answers to common questions and my top tips to get you ready for your newborn photography session! 

Sleepy baby on a newborn shoot

When should I book my newborn photography session?

This is the first question I get asked by all my clients is when should I book a shoot? My answer is totally UP TO YOU! There is no rule or set date in which you have to get them done. All photos are special and you will love them just as much. 

The term newborn photography does sound like they need to be a newborn but that doesn’t mean it has to be within weeks of them arriving in this world! I have done shoots with babies that are 2 weeks old and ones that are 2 months old. Both were so special and beautiful photos. 

baby toes
Smiling baby on a newborn shoot

First thing to ask yourself is ‘what style of photo do I want?’ If the answer is super sleepy, tiny toes and those first few days of cute tiny cuddles in your arms then go for having your photos earlier. But if you want the cheeky little smiles at you and that sparkle in their eyes then wait until they are a little older. Have a look round at different styles of photos to decide what you want. 

I also advise my couples to wait until you are settled at home and you yourself feel ready. Try not to rush into just because you feel you ‘should be having them straight away’. Every time is special with your baby no matter what their age. and there is no rule on when to have them. 

Newborn Shoots

What newborn Photos should I have?

Before you have your newborn photography shoot have a few photos ideas in mind of what you want and chat to your photographer about this. 

I always ask my couples to send me 5 photo ideas that they really like in advance of their shoot. Get on Pinterest and have a look! It is literally full of thousands of ideas. 

But if that sounds a bit overwhelming I have also created this blog post of my favourite photos I always take on my newborn shoots. 

Again do not worry if you have no idea that’s fine! Your photographer will have loads of ideas and maybe even try some new ones with you. 

How can I pose my baby?

You know your baby more than anyone and so will know your babies favourite positions to be in. Your photographer will have some poses in mind for you but it is always helpful to have some ideas too. 

My tip for any pose is sleep! You want your baby to be as sleepy as they possible can be so give them a big feed just before shooting or anything that you know will get them super sleep and in that deeper sleep. This means you will be able to pose them much easier. 

Some babies like a warm room some like a cooler room. Again you know your baby best so decide on these sort of things to help with posing. 

The last one is think carefully about what they are wearing when posing. Stiff awkward clothing makes it much harder to pose and tends to lead to awkward photos too. Find some comfortable yet cute! 

What do I need to bring to my newborn photoshoot?

Whether you are having your newborn photography session in a studio or in the comfort of your own home it is important to have some things ready prior to your shoot. 

So first up clothing for both the baby and you! Think about a few outfits you would like your new baby to wear. Maybe you have a special outfit made as a gift or just a babygrow that you simply adore. Get them all ready with some back ups too. A change of clothing brings great variety in your newborn shoot. 

Don’t forget the rest of you too! If you want some family photos then pick some outfits for the family that you love too. You all want to be comfortable and happy for your shoot.

Next up! All those special newborn gifts or favourite toys you have. Whether it is their favourite toy or the bunny Grannie bought for them when you announced the birth – bring them all along! Little boots and bobble hats are another favourite of mine to bring along. 

You may have had a maternity shoot and taken a few props along with you. Get them all out too and decide if you would like any with your new bundle of joy. 

How long should my newborn shoot be?

So this is an important one! As newborns and babies are so unpredictable make sure you have time! Allow enough time for your newborn photography session to take up a few hours. All my shoots are 2-4 hours. Now that is not 4 hours of continuous shooting but time to work around the baby. The Babies tend to lead the shoots more than anyone else! 

Plan your shoot around your babies rountine (if they have settled into one). If you want some sleepy photos then plan for your photographer to be around whilst they are sleepy. 

Most importantly do not worry if your baby doesn’t sleep or takes an hour or 2 to settle. Your photographer will have worked with babies before and totally understand! Try and relax and have fun during your newborn photography session. Trust me you will get some beautiful photos at this really special time!  

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