Maternity Shoot Top tips
Maternity Shoot Top tips

maternity shoot top tips

Congratulations you are expecting a baby! This is such a new and exciting chapter in your life. You want to celebrate this wonderful new journey with a maternity shoot and why not?! 

But wait… when should I do a maternity shoot? Where should I have the shoot? What sort of things should I bring to the shoot? What should I wear for my maternity shoot? What sort of photos do I want? So many questions! But you have found the right place.  

To help I have put together my personal top tips for planning your maternity shoot to really make the most out of your session.

Couple holding hands on a Maternity Shoot

Where Should I have my maternity shoot?

Choose your location of your shoot to fit the feel of photos you want.

Going somewhere that is special to you as a couple is always a winner in my book! Maybe you have a local walk you love or a spot where you got engaged? Anywhere that is special to you will make your photos even better as you will be in your happy place! 

One of my couples went back to their wedding venue and we recreated some from their wedding day! It is always worth an ask to some of these venues as they may be open and free during the week or at off peak times. 

Looking for an autumn vibe? I LOVE autumn! Go around your local wooded area and bring someone along to throw some leaves in the air – great photos and a lot of fun! Some spots that might not look too interesting can look stunning in autumn colours. 

Do not worry if you can not find somewhere you like your photographer will know some lovely spots so ask them too. 

What should I wear for my maternity shoot?

I always tell my couples to wear something that makes you feel amazing! If you feel amazing it will show in the pictures. You also want to show of your beautiful bump so wear something that is flattery but shows off your bump. Maternity gowns are a popular choice too and come in nearly every colour of the rainbow! Places like Etsy are awesome for options. But you don’t have to have a gown to have stunning photos. 

Mum to be holding her bump on a Maternity Shoot
Gloucestershire Maternity Photographer
Stroud Maternity Photographer
Mum to be holding her bump on a Maternity Shoot
Stroud Maternity Photographer


I know this one sounds weird but let me explain. If you are going to a location that has somewhere to change take a change of clothes with you. Changing up your clothes is such an easy way to change up the look of any photo. Plus if you have multiple maternity dresses you like or your partner can’t decide between a shirt or t-shirt then bring both! 

If there isn’t somewhere to change try bringing a scarf or change of jumper/cardigan. Even different bobble hats works great too! 

What Photos should I have?

Before you go on your shoot have a few photo ideas in mind of what you want and chat to your photographer about this. 

I always ask my couples to send me 5 photo ideas that they really like in advance of their shoot. Get on Pinterest and have a look! It is literally full of thousands of ideas. 

But if that sounds a bit overwhelming I have also created this blog post on maternity photos I always take with my couples. 

Again do not worry if you have no idea that’s fine! Your photographer will have loads of ideas and maybe even try some new ones with you.

What sort of things should I bring on my maternity shoot?

I LOVE props! They can literally be anything! Anything from the baby scan, to tiny booties, babygrows I even had tiny bobble hats! Props are a great way to share some little details of your pregnancy journey other than your growing beautiful bump. 

They are also brilliant at adding some variety to your shoot. I am also sure many of them are very special to you especially your scan picture. 

You can use them in loads of different ways anything from resting them on your bump to holding them up to putting them in a tree! 

After your maternity photoshoot use the same props with a newborn shoot. 

When should I do a maternity shoot?

So there is no secret rule or specific date for having a maternity shoot. Everyone has a different pregnancy so the choice is really yours. 

I have had couples come to me on week 32 and others even as late as on week 38! It really is when you feel comfortable. You want your bump to be a lovely beautiful round shape but not so big you are uncomfortable. 

Think about where your location is and decide how comfortable you feel walking around for a bit as your photoshoot will involve a lot of this. 

Another thing to think about is the seasons. I had one lady due early December but she wanted an autumn vibe in her photos so we planned her shoot around the autumn leaves on the trees in October! 

Baby on the way board

RELAX and have some fun!

The first few photos are going to feel a little odd but trust me you will soon get into it! Try and have as much fun as you can together. The best photos come out of fun. Tell each other silly jokes or smile at each other in a funny way to get some laughter going.  

Choose some poses that feel natural to you and use your props. Going for a little walk helps too and creates some lovely natural photos. 

Chat away with your photographer, literally talk about anything you like. They will be happy to chat away too. I often chat with my couples about the excitement to come or about something completely different like the latest Netflix shows! 


Most importantly enjoy your maternity shoot. It is a time to celebrate the new chapter in your life and have fun. Plus it might be the last bit of piece of quiet you get for a while!!

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