Maternity Photo Session
Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session Ideas

Congratulations you are expecting a baby and want to celebrate with a maternity photo session!

Whether it is your first bundle of joy on the way or you are adding to your already wonderful family it is such an exciting time for you! 

But wait… what photos do you even want? How many do you want? When do you want them? So many questions but so much joy on the way. My answer to you is start having a look around at other ideas and you will soon see what you would like. 

To help I have put together my personal favourite photos for any maternity photo session that I always do on all my maternity shoots! 

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Walking hand in hand

I always start off with this one on any maternity photo session. It is a great way to relax into the session and enjoy being together. Just simply walk around your chosen location and chat to each other. Swing your arms too if it helps get some giggles out – giggles always look great in photos! 

I quite often use these types of photos throughout the session when moving between other photo locations. Some of the best photos come when you are least expecting it. 

This shoot is not just about the baby and your bump but also about you and your partner who are going to become parents! It is so exciting for you both and so why not celebrate you too. 

I love just getting my couples to have a little bit of you time on your shoot and walking together is a lovely way to do this.

The Bump Cuddle

I love this one! Time to show off that wonderful bump! Cuddling your bump or your partner’s bump is something you probably do on a daily basis already. So why not photograph this?! 

You can do this in so many ways too so it really brings variety to your maternity photo session. Have some photos together with you holding your bump and your partner too. Also have some close up shots with just your hands holding your bump. 

I love to make my couples laugh so I also love getting you to hold your partner’s ‘bump’. It always brings out some laughs and as I said laughs equal brilliant photos. 

The Baby Grow

The Baby grow is likely to be your baby’s first outfit and no doubt you probably have a lot already. You might have chosen their ‘going home’ outfit – bring it to your maternity photo session! 

Try holding up the baby grow in different ways. Resting it on your growing bump is always a lovely photo to have too. They make such gorgeously cute photos! 

Don’t be afraid to bring more than one too. If you love them and they are special to you they will make perfect photos. 

Personalised ones make a really cute touch too as they make a special photo of you and your growing family.

Baby Clothing

It is not just baby grows that are adorably cute on a maternity photo session but any baby clothing! 

Baby clothing is the absolute cutest thing you will ever see and no doubt you already have some picked out.

Maybe you have the cute booties that they will wear home. I love these for both maternity photo sessions but also on newborn shoots! They are so cute and can be used in a variety of ways. Try holding them on your bump or placing them somewhere different as a stand alone keepsake photo.  

Bobble hats are also brilliant on shoots. I had one family bring all of their bobble hats along and it was such a sweet touch on their maternity photo session and gave a real family feel to all their photos. 

The scan picture and due date

The scan picture is the very first photo of your beautiful baby so why not use it on your maternity photo session? Again this is something you can use in a variety of different ways throughout your session. 

You have probably already shown and told many people your due date so incorporate these into your session. Try resting it on your bump or holding it out together to show off your baby. Use a pin-board to show the scan picture and due date too!

planning your maternity photo session

Now you have a better idea on possible photo ideas for your maternity session you can start to think about planning more details. Check out my blog post below to help with planning your maternity photo session. 

Most important just have fun on your maternity photo session. It is a time to celebrate the next chapter in your life and the precious pregnancy moments. Before you know it your wonderful bundle of joy will be safe in your arms! 

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