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Bowden Hall Wedding

Brad and Nicci's Autumn Wedding

If you like Georgian buildings then a Bowden Hall Wedding is for you! Mercure at Bowden Hall Hotel in Upton St Leonards. Set in the beautiful Cotswolds, Bowden Hall is the perfect venue for any wedding. It has stunning grounds with a gorgeous lake, making it a brilliant spot for lots of different outdoor photos. The hotel itself makes a great backdrop for group shots and couples portraits. 

One of my favourite features about this venue is how light the main rooms all are. The huge Georgian windows are not only a key feature of each room but help flood the room with natural light. A photographer’s dream when planning your wedding day. Natural light means better photos on your day! The grand staircase inside is also a fantastic feature as you both come hand in hand out after you have tied the knot! 

Brad and Nicci had their ceremony upstairs with just their close family and friends by their sides. It was a beautiful ceremony and tears of joy and happiness were flowing round the room. The best entrance by far was their page boy or should I say – ring security guard! The rings were very secure in their own briefcase with their security guard wearing his ear piece to check out the guest! It was a brilliant and new idea for a wedding.

 After the ceremony we had planned to get the confetti shots done outside the main front door. This is a great spot as the main doors are a beautiful dark wood and it makes the perfect aisle for people to line up. The wind was not in our favour as much on this wedding. So tips for windy wedding days – line up more people on the side where the direction of wind is coming from. Rather than throwing confetti on this side, let the wind catch it. Also make sure you give some confetti to your photographer – we can use it close to the camera for some cool effects.

Down by the huge old oak tree there is a lovely little bench the perfect size for a newly married couple to sit upon and watch their guests enjoying a drink or two outside on the terrace. This is where I always take the bride tribe! Nestled under the tree it offers a lovely bit of privacy as well as a fun spot for photos. 

These stunning flowers were created by the amazing team at Kopend Creations. Nicci wanted to go for the autumnal vibe complete with tiny pumpkins too! They were stunning and went perfectly with the teal bridesmaids dresses. Check out Josie and Connor’s Bowden Hall Wedding for more photos of this venue and Kopend Creations too.

To finish this awesome wedding Brad and Nicci had great fun with sparklers. This is something they had always wanted from our very first meeting together and it did not disappoint!

Bowden Hall Wedding
Bowden Hall Wedding
Bowden Hall Wedding

Top tips for sparklers at your wedding: 

  • Go for the longer sparklers as they last longer – we had lots of time to play around with photos as they lasted so well which meant in the end they were better shots. 
  • Golden colours gives a really lovely warm tone to your photos 
  • You do not need to accommodate a sparkler for every guest. We had about 30 sparklers but 15 people. That way we could have two goes at it and try different angles. 
  • Make sure you have lots of lighters or blow torches. Once you have one sparkler going, use that to get the rest going.
  • Chat to your photographer about sparklers before your wedding. That way we can plan a time and place for the photos. This is especially important in the summer months when we might have to stay longer!
  • Most importantly, check with your venue before your order sparklers. Some venues do not allow them. Most do and will happily help you out to make sure everyone stays safe and provide you with the all important bucket!

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