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Bristol Engagement Shoot

Lay and Rich

I met the wonderful Lay and Rich about a year before their wedding. They chose to have a Bristol Engagement shoot close to their home and a few weeks before their wedding. This meant that they could both get comfortable in front of the camera and not forget it all before the day. We were also able to have a lovely chat about all their plans as everything was pretty much set by this point. 

We headed out along their local dog walk with their beautiful dog Ovie. They were really keen to get some with him as he sadly wouldn’t be able to be their on their wedding day. 

Bristol Engagement Shoot
Bristol Engagement Shoot

Tips from this Bristol Engagement shoot for yours:

  • If you are struggling to come up with a location for your engagement shoot, consider staying close to home. This whole Bristol Engagement Shoot was shot along Lay and Rich’s local dog walking route. 
  • Bring along your dog! I am sure I have said this one before and I am sure I will say it again but bring your dog! They are a great extra for any shoot. If you are feeling particularly nervous too then they will help you no end! 
  • Again if you are feeling particularly nervous about the camera then schedule your shoot close to your wedding – you won’t forget it when it comes to your day. Plus you will soon see how easy it really is. 

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Hope you enjoyed having a little look into this Bristol Engagement shoot. If you want more information on planning your engagement shoot or wedding then head to my engagements and weddings pages.