Top Questions to ask your Photographer.

Post Wedding Photoshoot

20 top questions to ask your photographer Planning your wedding is a mammoth task and can lead you to having more questions than answers. So here I have put together my 20 top questions to ask your photographer to help you when planning your Wedding day. These are from some of the more commonly asked […]

Should I have an Engagement Shoot?

Gloucestershire Engagement Photography

Should I Have an engagement shoot? So I have a lot of couples asking me ‘shoot we have an engagement shoot?’ There are many reasons for having an engagement shoot and that is why I always say yes and why all my collections include an engagement shoot. Here are my top reasons why you should […]

Engagement Ring Photography

30+ Wedding Ring Photography Ideas Looking for some new and creative ways to photograph the engagement rings at weddings? Then look no further than my 30+ Wedding Ring Photography Ideas. During the pandemic I decided I needed to keep my camera and lenses dust free so set about creating a collection of engagement ring photo ideas. […]