Maternity photography

So the next exciting chapter is beginning in your lives. Together you are about to bring a beautiful baby into the world. Why not make a memory celebrating your new baby with a bespoke maternity photography session?

Each maternity memory shoot is designed to be relaxing and fun. This can be in the comfort of your own home in the beautiful nursery you have created or in a location special to you both. I have even done one back at a couples wedding venue.

Autumn leaves on a Maternity Shoot

Bring along some props like the cutie baby shoes you first bought. Or the newborn baby grow that looks so small and adorable. Its your maternity photography session so the choice is yours. 

If you want to make some maternity memories together then get in touch either via my contact page.  As always sessions are tailored to you however most sessions are approximately 1-2 hours.

Maternity and newborn pricing

I believe every photography experience is unique to you. Both collections can be shot in a location of your choice. Maybe visit a place special to your both? Newborn shoots can be done in the comfort of your own home or where ever suits you and your new family. 

Want to meet before your photoshoot? Not a problem. I am happy to meet anyone before their shoot so you feel as comfortable as possible. All shoots come with 1-2 hours post production time. 

Maternity Memories

A wonderful way to remember your pregnancy together
£ 125
  • 1-2 hour photoshoot
  • 25-50 photos
  • Five 6x4 prints

Newborn Memories

A perfect way to cherish those early days
£ 125
  • 1-2 hour photoshoot
  • 25-50 photos
  • Five 6x4 prints

Maternity and Newborn Ultimate Memory

Fancy having both memories to cherish? Why not book both experiences?
£ 225
  • Maternity Memory Shoot
  • Newborn Memory Shoot
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